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Library Services

The library is free and open to the public.

Currently the library is a reference only facility, meaning no materials may be removed from the library by individuals or groups. We may loan materials on an exchange basis to bona fide educational institutions or libraries, on a case by case basis. The materials in the collection are not for sale.

To ensure the integrity of the colleciton, a driver's license or other form of government issued ID may be required to gain access to the collection.

We do have a small collection of books and magazines specially marked as "Carry Around" items with a bright green label. You may take these books outside to watch trains, enjoy the fresh air, or to visit the second story of the tower or caboose, as long as these books are returned to the libary when you are finished with them. These books however cannot leave the grounds.

We do have a small childrens' section (a few non-train books too) with an array of books suitable for kids from two and up to help you entertain your little companion when you spend time at the library. Most of the these books are designated as carry around items.

We do not have genealogical type information.

There is a copier available. Materials may be copied for a small fee - proceeds go to the City which provides the copier. The copier is located in the welcome center/visitor's center nearby.

At this time we DO NOT take on-line research requests. Please do not ask. We have a very small staff. We may respond to written (U.S. Mail) research requests, for a fee. Please inquire in advance.






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