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About our Library Staff

Regular access and operation of the facility during open hours is managed and provided by the professional staff of the City of Bowie, Museums Division.

We are currently seeking a library professional to help manage our collection on a volunteer basis. We have received an offer from a local university to provide an intern if we can provide a professional librarian to mentor the student. In general the responsibilities would take just a few hours a month. Our librarian is responsible for organizing, cataloging, and managing the collection as well as acquiring new materials and disposition of materials we no longer need. Our librarian works with Chapter volunteers who put much tender loving care into managing the collection.

Sadly, our former librarian, Erik Delfino (pictured below second from the left), a professional librarian working full time in the field, passed away in early 2020. Mr. Delfino has been the brains behind the project since its founding. We do miss him terribly, but we carry on as he would want us to, providing a unique reference library in a unique environment, an authentic railroad switch tower.

On April 14th 2012 a group of DCNRHS Library volunteers banded together to recover some unique Washington, D.C. railroad history from a damp, musty basement in Suburban Maryland that was literally crammed with rail history from all over the world (most of it streetcar related). Some of the material goes back 150 years. It took two pickup trucks, two SUVs, and a car to haul the treasure trove of history away from an estate that was anything but your run of the mill railroad ephemera. Over the next several years, led by our intrepid and extremely talented Librarian Erik Delfino, DCNRHS volunteers will sort through the "treasure" to catalog and sort the material and find proper final destinations for items that do not fit our collection. The efforts of our volunteers, enabled through the cooperation of the Baltimore Streetcar Museum, will benefit the DCNRHS and most importantly FUTURE GENERATIONS, for years to come. For that is our ultimate job, preservation and education about our railroads and their rich and storied history. Photo by J. Lilly.



a project of the National Railway Historical Society, Washington, D.C. Chapter, Incorporated, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
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