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Train Photos at Bowie Tower


Bowie Tower is a very busy location. There are typically several Amtrak trains an hour. During the week there are also MARC commuter trains. And once or twice most days there is a CSX freight coming onto or going off of the Pope's Creek Branch. Norfok Southern also runs freight on the line, but usually at night!

in this section we will share with you photos taken of trains at Bowie Tower as we accumulate them. If you have a photo you'd like to share with us, please send us an e-mail and we'll let you know where to send the photo to.

The Liberty Limited

Photo by Teresa Renner

On December 2, 2006, the Liberty Limited, a special train of eighteen private cars carried over 100 recovering military personnel from Walter Reed Army Hospital and Bethesda National Naval Medical Center, along with guests, to Philadelphia, PA for the 106th Army-Navy football game. The train traveled over Amtrak to Philadelphia and then took a short detour over CSX to a Conrail inter modal yard near the Philadelphia Eagles’ Stadium, where the game was played (busses carried guests to the game).

As in 2005 the trip was organized by Philadelphia businessman Bennett Levin and his wife Vivian to show a token of our nation’s appreciation to these wounded warriors for their service and sacrifices in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Bennett also owns the restored Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) E-8 diesel locomotives that pulled the train and several of the cars that were in the train, including former PRR Office Car Pennsylvania 120 which brought up the markers on the trip.

The trip was completely free for the military personnel, no press were permitted on-board, and all politics were left 'at the station.' The private car owners donated the use of their cars. Most of the transportation costs, gourmet food, refreshments, and “giveaway” bags were also donated by a variety of generous individuals, organizations, and companies.

A few factoids on the trip (Source: Bennett Levin):

  • Length: 1780 feet • Max Speed: 89 MPH
  • Wounded Soldiers, Sailors and Marines: 102
  • Guests of the wounded: 30
  • Total entering stadium to witness game: 124
  • Car owners on board: 15
  • Food Preparation and Wait staff: 38
  • Military support from Walter Reed and Bethesda: 24
  • Politicians: 0
  • Media: 0
  • Dinners served: 240
  • Lunches Served: 150
  • Breakfast served: 225
  • Good time enjoyed: By Everyone
  • Other guests including crew: 20

The fourteenth car in the train was Washington, D.C. Chapter NRHS' 1923 Pullman DOVER HARBOR.


    Photo by Alex Mayes

    One of Amtrak's Acelas passes Bowie Tower northbound on September 22nd, 2007 during the annual membership picnic of the Washington, D.C. Chapter NRHS.


      Photo by J. Lilly

      An Amtrak work train passes by on September 8, 2007.


      Photo by Alex Mayes

      Washington, D.C. Chapter NRHS members wave to a most unusual Amtrak train which showed up during the Chapter's annual picnic. This was a slow moving diesel-powered train pulling four Amfleet cars with an ex-Metroliner cab-control car bringing up the rear. The consensus among attendees was that it was a track inspection train. Photo taken on September 20, 2008.

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