Stephen Patrick

Stephen Patrick (Center) at the Library with J. Lilly and Barbara O’Rourke

About Stephen…

Stephen Patrick, a member of our Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society was the long-time Director of Museums at the City of Bowie. Besides being a member of our railroad family and a lover of trains, history, and museums, Stephen was instrumental in supporting the creation of the Martin F. O’Rourke Memorial Railroad Library at Bowie Tower.

Stephen developed the idea and helped our organization work through the logistics and planning process with the City. He worked with the City to acquire the shelving and make sure the facility was sound both physically and environmentally.

Sadly, Stephen passed away in 2007 just a few weeks before the grand opening of the Library. Perhaps our President at the time said most eloquently:

“Farewell Stephen, our friend, we miss you, but you will live on in the Library you helped us create.” – J. Lilly, President

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